# benaryOS

This is the benaryOS website. Great, you found it!

## What is benaryOS?

benaryOS is an opensource operating system aiming to provide a 100% GNU/Linux
compatible driver interface and some additional features making it possible to
replace a linux kernel with a benaryOS kernel.

## Why should I use benaryOS over GNU/Linux?

When benaryOS is finished, if it will ever be, it will be licensed under the MIT

## What can I do here?

At the moment you can:

- use [git](https://github.com/benaryos/)
- and our [bugtracker](https://github.com/benaryos/kernel/issues) (use this repo
  only for kernel related bugs, other bugs should be put in their own

## Contribution

If you want to contribute, just fork us and send a pull request via GitHub.

## TODO List

- finish this website
- work on benaryOS
- as I still go to school, homework

# Contact

If you want to contact benaryOS write to this guy:

- [benaryorg](//benary.org)